DIY Pedicures for Summer!

June 20, 2013

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It’s summer time, and between sandals and lounging by the pool, your tootsies are seriously on display (on display on display).  You need to make sure they’re something worth looking at, so it’s time to bust out the heavy artillery and whip those feeties into shape!  Read on for tips and tricks to getting your feet ready to be the fairest of them all!

mehaz DIY Pedicures for Summer!

Nobody wants to see gross, dry, cracked heels.  So, you need to exfoliate the dead skin, just like you would exfoliate your face or body! One big mistake people tend to make is removing dead skin in the shower or after a foot soak.  “WHAT? I thought that was when you were SUPPOSED to scrub your feet!” Well, it is– kinda.  Most foot pumices have a rough side and a less rough side.  You want to use the more rough side pre-shower to rough up the really hard, dead skin before going in to soak your feet and then scrub with the softer side.  If your skin is already soft, you risk scrubbing off healthy tissue that is vital to protecting your feet.  This blogger really loves her Mehaz Foot Pumice, with an ergodynamic handle and two sides, available at all Planet Beauty stores for $12.00.  If that sounds like a bit too much for your shower time, try Deborah Lippmann’s “Get Off” callus remover, which uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids to soften hard heels and leaves feel soft and supple after 5 to 10 minutes of being on the skin. Available at select Planet Beauty stores for $38.00. 

get off 300x300 DIY Pedicures for Summer!

To get the perfect pedi, you need to have your nails shaped and filed correctly.  Use clippers or a file to even toenails out and shorten them. Go for a square shape instead of rounded tips, because experts say you’re less likely to get ingrown nails.  And don’t cut too short– that’s a recipe for disaster!  In fact, try to just file them evenly, and leave the clipping to a pro.  If you’re tempted to cut your cuticles, think again and reach for the cuticle remover instead!  Cutting your cuticle can leave the door open for infection and fungus, so it’s better to just not do it.  

Essie Summer Collection Swatches 300x208 DIY Pedicures for Summer!

Ready for color? Start with brushing on a base coat. Let it dry for a few minutes and follow up with your favorite color. Not sure what to pick?  Summer always calls for fun, bright colors, and the newest collection from Essie– Naughty Nautical– is full of fun, sparkly shades!  Follow with a great top coat to seal in your pedi– this blogger loves Butter London’s Hardwear top coat, $13.95 at select Planet Beauty stores.  Try to do as few strokes as possible, and let the first coat dry before applying a second.  Can’t wait for the finished product to be set and ready to go? Grab OPI’s Drip Drops, and apply one drop to the top of each nail after your top coat for the quickest dry ever!  $13.95 at all Planet Beauty stores.  

Having a perfect pedicure is as essential as the perfect cover up– so make sure to stop by your local Planet Beauty store for all your pedicure essentials!

XOXO, Allie

Blog pic10 150x150 DIY Pedicures for Summer!

Allie Kelley has been a Planet Beauty Buff for five years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  She enjoys painting her nails, trolling Pinterest for new trends, and has an obsession with lip gloss.

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