December 28, 2012

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What’s your favorite, go-to, never fails hair style? Straight? Curls (natural or created)? Waves?  Lately, most beautys fave hair style has been the natural looking waves for their tresses, which is no surprise as it is surprisingly easy to do!  Think about it, you can use a flat iron, a curling iron, wave sprays, or the old school way: braids.  Read on, because this blog is jam packed with useful information on how to achieve a beautiful head full of fun, natural looking waves.


french braids 225x300 Make WAVES!

Ok, so, you somehow managed to break your flat iron and your best friend borrowed your curling iron, and your outfit for tonight calls for some MAJOR wavy hair.  Fear not, your favorite blogging beauty buff has the answer.  Lightly mist your dry hair with water to get it a little damp, and comb through a curl enhancing cream like Colure’s Curl Wave Style Cream.  Then, depending on just how wavy you want your hair to be, either french braid your hair in one or two braids (the more wavy you want, the more braids you add).  Spend some time blow drying your hair to dry the styling products, and wait for it to cool.  Gently unbraid your hair and finger comb, then add a light hold hairspray to control any frizz.  Voila! You just did waves the old fashioned way!

Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Make WAVES!

Another way to get the waved out look is by using a curling iron.  There are many curling irons out there, so which one should you choose?  Take it from an expert in the art of hair waving, and get yourself a clipless curling iron, this blogger LOVES her Enzo Milano.  I know it seems daunting, but clipless curling irons are actually REALLY easy to use! All you do is section your hair into one to two inch sections (again, with how big or small you want your waves to be) and wrap the hair around the wand.  It even comes with a heat proof glove so you don’t burn yourself! Another curling iron that is a hybrid of a clipless and clip curling iron is the Beachwaver from Sarah Potempa.  This amazing little wonder has a short clip and a long barrel– the best of both worlds!  This blogger has a tip for making waves that last: spray your hair with a strong hold hairspray like Enjoy Super Hold Hairspray, then brush through.  Once your hair is curled, finish with a lighter hold hairspray like Big Sexy Hair Soy Touchable hairspray to lock in your style.

ghd Make WAVES!

And, finally, the big daddy of hair waving– using a flat iron.  Beauty Buffs love to use the GHD flat iron because of the beveled edges that make waving a breeze. The easiest way to wave with the flat iron is to section your hair into 1 inch sections.  Put the flat iron at the top of your hair, and twist 180 degrees (so it’s upside down).  Then, slowly pull through the piece of hair till you reach the bottom.  The slower you go, the more tight your curl will be, the faster you go, the looser it is.  Don’t be frustrated if this style is hard to achieve– practice most definitely makes perfect with this particular method.  When finished, set your style with a light hold hair spray, and off you go!

Get all your styling needs at your local Planet Beauty store!

XOXO, Allie


Blog pic10 150x150 Make WAVES!

Allie Kelley has been a Planet Beauty Buff for four and a half years, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  She enjoys painting her nails, trolling Pinterest for new trends, and has an obsession with lip gloss.

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