Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

March 20, 2012

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Hollywood has always had its quirky-looking stars. And although we see fewer of them in this age of nose jobs and Photoshop, some stars stay true to themselves and let their so called “flaws” shine through!  Read on to discover celebs who took their quirks all the way to the bank!

 Everybody has a belly button, right? Not Karolina Kurkova! This 24-year-old supermodel and Victoria Secret angel has never spoken publicly about her lack of a belly button. For years her rep would only comment “she’s not an alien,” but recently it was revealed that her smooth tummy was the result of a childhood operation in her native land of Czechoslovakia. 

karolina kurkova 06 LfdnH 7881 245x300 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

Who doesn’t want a perfect, sexy pout? Well, no one in the early nineties!  Before Angelina Jolie burst on to the scene, large, full lips were not nearly as in fashion as they are now.  Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have Ms. Jolie to thank—lip augmentation with Restylane and collagen have sky rocketed since then!

angelina jolie lips 300x229 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

Tyra Banks often talks about how models have some unusual physical feature that skirt the fine line between beautiful and awkward. For her, it’s her “five-head,” as she has called it. Despite the mean remarks from the media, Tyra is having the last laugh. Her super dome has helped her become one of the highest-earning models in history and an up-and-coming media mogul! Luckily for her, the modeling world finds beauty in quirks.

cindy crawford 7103 211x300 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

One of the most notable beauty quirks is none other than Cindy Crawford and her famous mole.  Cindy has said she was uncomfortable with the mole through childhood, and considered having it removed, but beauty experts now praise the blemish as the facial distinction that makes Crawford recognizable. Had she removed it, her career might not be where it is today.  

kate bosworth eyes2 284x300 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

Ever take a close look at Kate Bosworth’s eyes? What about Mila Kunis? If you have, you already know these two uber-gorgeous celebs “suffer” from heterochromia iridum, or having two different color eyes!  This trait is extremely uncommon in humans, but the biological trait is oddly common in Hollywood stars! 

You’d think Elizabeth Taylor already won genetic lottery with her otherworldly beauty and rare eye color, but Mother Nature was extra generous to the violet-eyed icon. She was born with a rare genetic condition called distichiasis, giving her an extra row of eyelashes.  Some people get all the luck!

seal 300x291 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

Some stars had unfortunate childhoods that left their mark.  Namely, Tina Fey, Padma Lakshmi, and singer Seal.  All of these celebs have scars from experiences that they choose to show off to the world rather than hide.  Tina Fey, whose scar on her face comes from an attack by a total stranger, covers it when she plays a character, but flaunts it during appearances or photo shoots.  Padma Lakshmi’s 7 inch arm scar is the result of a devastating car accident, and Seal’s long debated facial scars are the result of a childhood bout of discoid lupus, a disease he still battles.

Although celebrities seem larger than life, many of them battle insecurities.  The choice is yours: accept yourself for who you are, exactly as you are, or don’t.  These celebs accept themselves, will you? 


Blog pic7 150x150 Exceptional Celebrity Quirks that we LOVE!

Allie Kelley has been a Planet Beauty Buff for nearly 4 years, and has a Bachelor’s degree in English. She enjoys painting her nails, trolling Pinterest for new trends, and has an obsession with lip gloss.

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