Makeup tricks and tips for beauties of every age!

March 19, 2012

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Welcome back, beauties!  This time, we’re going to look at the age appropriate makeup looks for all ages of lovelies.  Make up can be a tricky thing to master—too much and you look like a clown or you’re in a pageant, or too little and you risk looking unprofessional or even sick.  But what’s the right age to even start wearing makeup? And what do you need to enhance your beauty and not overdo it?  Read on to discover tips, tricks, and makeup artist secrets for getting the look—at any age!

makeup 300x199 Makeup tricks and tips for beauties of every age!


As little girls we see our mothers applying makeup on a daily basis or sometimes only for a special occasion.  This in some way will influence our perception of makeup use as we get older.  Some girls (namely this blogger) couldn’t wait to start applying blush or mascara the second their mothers allow it.  Others wait until they start to see the imperfections of time creeping into their skin to take action.  Everybody has their own opinion about when to start wearing makeup, how much to wear, and even what colors to use.  The right answer isn’t always so black and white—it needs to be a decision made with both parties involved.  Many parents don’t want to see their “little girl” grow up too fast, and resist allowing her to wear makeup.  Sometimes adding a little eyeliner and mascara and blush to a young girl’s look will both enhance her natural beauty as well as appease her need for wearing makeup to school!

natalieportman 200x300 Makeup tricks and tips for beauties of every age! 

Planet Beauty Newport Beach’s own makeup artist Monica suggests starting with a light coverage tinted moisturizer foundation, like Jane Iredale Dream Tint, which will smooth out skin tone and texture without looking cakey.  Follow up with a light colored blush, like BareMinerals Ready blush to add warmth to the face.  Using a blush brush, dust the blush in a circular motion on the cheek bones and blend.   To avoid the harsh look of stark black eyeliner, opt for a grey/charcoal or brown colored liner.  BareMinerals Big & Bright eyeliner in charcoal is a must have for this blogger, and is easy to use with its automatic extender—no pencil sharpeners needed!   Eye shadows should be light and neutral in color, like a medium brown, applied just at the lash line. Always remember, less is more! Don’t cover your pretty face, just make your features stand out more!


over 45 makeup2 Makeup tricks and tips for beauties of every age!

As women age, it’s important that our makeup still reflects our personality, but there are definitely things that can stay in the previous decade.  For example, the only people who need to wear sparkly eyeliners are teens and Vegas show girls.  Here are a few tips from America’s favorite lady, Oprah Winfrey, on how to adjust your makeup as you age.  First, wear less. Lessen the amount of makeup, applying it only where you need to conceal flaws and play up your assets. You don’t want a mask of makeup. Show off the true you! Second, achieve a more glowing look with moisture-filled products to compensate for your skin’s loss of natural oils. With that, you might want to use less matte makeup, which would counter any glow you’d like to achieve.  Next, The older you get, the more you should tone down, or completely avoid, using shimmery eye shadows and frosted lipsticks. They reflect the light, illuminating any imperfections. Finally, avoid wearing harsh colors, or colors that contrast sharply with each other, like black eye color with bright red lips. Soften your look with prettier, muted tones.

Makeup is a great way for a girl to express herself, but refining your style and application is key.  It’s not about how much makeup you wear, but how you apply it! Check out Planet Beauty and talk to our makeup buffs to color match your skin and get all the tools and products you need to get your perfect look!


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Allie Kelley has been a Planet Beauty Buff for nearly 4 years, and has a Bachelor’s degree in English. She enjoys painting her nails, trolling Pinterest for new trends, and has an obsession with lip gloss.

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